Two operation groups are used in modeling:

  • universal operations of 3D geometry: revolved and extruded bosses creation, bodies addition and intersection, objects copying, etc.
  • specific operations with furniture models: panel mounting with set gaps, grooves creation on panel face or edge, etc.

BAZIS-Woodworker module is a special graphic editor on the basis of 3D mathematical kernel. Its functions are directed to diverse cabinet furniture modeling and drafts, charts, specifications and other production documents automatic generation.

Key module peculiarity is electronic models creation that allows to design cabinet furniture models: starting with order making in furniture salon ending in its packing and shipment to the client.

BAZIS-Woodworker includes:

  • 3D solid and surface modeling tools;
  • commands of the most frequent 3D bodies creation;
  • panels with grooves and allowances mounting tools and automatic snapping to created objects;
  • commands of overlaid and cut-in edgings construction on panel edges;
  • arbitrary furniture and interior elements creation tools: edgings, profiles, balustrades, etc.;
  • creation and editing of bent panels with holes, grooves and cuts;
  • tools for work with blocks, semi-products, assemblies and assembly sets – arbitrary objects considered as a single unit;
  • work with projects tools which are selected products lists with their number designation for further materials cutting and economical indexes calculation;
  • product tree-like structure visualization for fast search, viewing and editing;
  • commands of dimensions, auxiliary lines and arcs on plane and in space creation;
  • products design on front, left-hand and top views, on axonometric projection in any visualization mode: wire frame, full or partial deletion of invisible lines and in textures;
  • special capabilities lighten edge and faces coating operations and take material peculiarities and production technologies into account;
  • materials editor allows to replace materials of separate panels or the whole product very fast;
  • means of created model correctness analysis.