Additional protection of BAZIS system allows to restore purchased BAZIS licenses in case of loss, key theft and other circumstances and it does not provide the documents of force majeure. At the same time it is enough to pay for protection key and shipment.

Terms of service:

  1. Service price for each protection key is shown in “Price-list” section.
  2. Service is available only for CodeMeter keys.
  3. Service becomes available only after service cost pay.
  4. Protection key connected to service is programmed for 30 calendar days term with automatic renewal if no statement about its loss/theft has been received.
  5. Service renewal firmware is generated on the first day of each month regardless of weekends and public holidays.
  6. In case of key loss/theft the licenses will be restored on new protection key at extra cost. Protection key cost is based on current price-list. Protection key delivery is extra paid.
  7. If lost key is found, the licenses can not be restored, however found key can be used later as license carrier.
  8. Service is available till expiry date of protection key technical support.
  9. Well-timed technical support renewal automatically renews the service.
  10. In case of rejection from additional protection of BAZIS software service and technical support payment later than in 14 days after its expire, service activation is possible only after purchase.