Files encryption function is used for restriction of BAZIS projects access and it allows to save the following files in unique format available only to particular enterprise specialists. Encrypted files can not be read by any other BAZIS system software copy.

Files available for encryption:

  1. Model file *.b3d
  2. 3D fragment file *.fr3d
  3. Arbitrary accessory file *.f3d
  4. Files *.b3d, *.fr3d, *.f3d included into library *.bln
  5. Model files inside the catalogue for Salon module (*.bmz, *.fdb)
  6. Interior files *.bsl.

A unique cryptoalgorithm is created for each client, it should be saved in protection key or keys if the client has several of them. Encryption function is available only for CodeMeter keys. Files encryption is unavailable for Sentinel keys.

After cryptoalgorithm saving in protection key, each client will get a unique password that allows to save non enciphered files for delivery to other enterprises.

Principle of operation with activated encryption function:

  1. There is a button with a key in BAZIS module from the right at the top that indicates encryption function activation.
  2. For temporal encryption disable it is necessary to push the button with a key and select "Disable file encryption". The program will request a password. If password is correct, the button with a key will become red indicating disabled encryption. To enable encryption it is necessary to push the button with a key and select "Enable file encryption". Encryption will be enabled and the button colour will turn black. Encryption will be enabled automatically after program restart.

If it is necessary to deliver files to technical support disable cryptoalgorithm, otherwise the answer will be generated much later.

Terms of service:

  1. There is service price of all the keys of one company in «Price-list» section.
  2. The service is available only for CodeMeter keys.
  3. The service can be added only after:
    • invoice-offer payment;
    • available list of keys for encryption function adding.
  4. If encryption is enabled, additional keys can be added free via written request.
  5. In case of encryption service deletion, encryption can be added again only after service payment.

Encryption function principle of operation in BAZIS-Salon module.

Encryption function requires CodeMeter protection key with programmed cryptoalgorithm and driver should be installed for CodeMeter key.

Such algorithm is individual for each user but it is common for all protection keys that can be used for encryption. When encryption is added to the key, the user will get a password for encryption mode disable.

Encryption mode in Price-list manager module

Call main menu command – «Price-lists database parameters».

Push «Enable encryption» button.

As a result of encryption mode activation the following will occur:

  • «Enable encryption» button will be renamed with «Disable encryption».
  • All the models in price-list will be encrypted.
  • All new models added to price-list will be encrypted automatically.
  • Only encrypted models can be saved from enciphered price-list.

Enciphered price-list for Salon will be created in an ordinary way via «Create for Salon» command.

Encryption mode can be disabled via “Disable encryption” command.

For this purpose input a given password.

As a result of encryption mode disabling the following will occur:

  • All the models of a price-list will be deciphered.
  • If you try to add enciphered model to non enciphered price-list, a warning will appear.

Encryption mode in Order management module

  • If there is cryptoalgorithm in protection key in BAZIS-Salon module, it will be possible to work only with enciphered price-lists.
  • It is impossible to connect not enciphered price-lists in Order management module, otherwise a warning will appear.
  • The same cryptoalgorithm should be saved in protection key as used for price-list encryption in Price-list manager module.
  • Interior project file (.bsl) and all the models generated for delivery to production will be encrypted. A key with necessary cryptoalgorithm should be used for models opening.
  • If it is necessary to save interior without encryption, select “Disable encryption” command in upper right corner of application.

Encryption mode can be disabled by «Disable encryption» command.

For this purpose input a given password.

If the password is correct, encryption will be disabled only for current session.

At program restart encryption mode will be enabled automatically.

Password is not required for encryption mode activation.