Radius panels make furniture ensemble elegant and original. Furniture products remain functional and blend well with any interior. Radius panels modeling involves special object use – a bent model.

Recently mass production of radius front panels has been restrained by little effective technologies, now there are special vacuum presses and milling-and-engraving machines that allow to organize such production at any furniture enterprise.

Bent panel as a radius front panel model is a full-function modeling element: it can be edited, mounted with accessories, various grooves can be milled on its face or edge.

Bent panel is a body, made by pulling the contour from line segments and arcs along straight line by some value. It contains technological information that can be used in preproduction and cost calculation.

Bent panel can be constructed via several operation steps automatic fulfillment:

  • height setup by two lines selection;
  • contour on top view construction;
  • materials and technological parameters setup;
  • visual selection of material layers side relatively to constructed contour (convex or concave panel).

Bent panels can be edited via all capabilities designed for common panels taking their peculiarities into consideration. E.g. if bent panel is multi-layer, material editing means not only material replacement with another one, but also new materials to the list adding, or their arrangement order changing.

Bent panel draft has some peculiarities. There is panel view with internal radius designation on it. Internal radius is determinant for mould production. Besides, panel unfolding image will be shown on the draft. It contains dimensions to all technological holes, texture orientation, grooves and sections position, holes parameters table and material table.

One of bent panels production technologies is material layers gluing with further coating with plastic or PVC-film. In this case material will be cut properly and taken into account at product cost calculation.

Work with bent panels allows to model any unique design decision of modern cabinet furniture development.