Door is the most complicated furniture element. Functional capabilities of door design modeling determine the whole system effectiveness.

Door design wizard allows to create a library of diverse door models, door opening and glazing mechanisms. This enables to construct the door in furniture design process fast and easy using ready elements.

Door design wizard is a stand-alone software module that allows to create arbitrary parametrical door models. It contains two classification criteria: construction (flush and frame) and door release (hinge and sliding).

Flush door consists of a single panel with mounted fastening accessories. Frame door consists of a frame made of profile, and an insertion made of one or several panels. The panels can be made of different materials and separated with special profiles. E.g. an insertion of a frame door may contain elements made of Wood particleboard and mirror glass. Arrangement chart of separating profiles and insertions between them chart is called glazing. Door design wizard has a special editor for visual glazing variants creation and necessary profiles parameters automatic calculation.

Doors mounting using Wizard template library demands only necessary section selection. For this purpose choose two horizontal and two vertical panels or corresponding auxiliary lines. Sliding doors parameters are calculated on the principle that their width is the same for mutual overlapping. Frame doors parameters also include vertical profile parameters calculation.

Door design functional capabilities allow to cut time of new furniture models creation and also minimize designing erroneous decisions. They include the whole range of door accessories offered by domestic and outside producers thus enabling designers and developers to meet market and particular customer requirements.