Furniture 3D model allows to generate product assembly drawing, part working drawings, specifications, operation tables and assembling diagrams with positions dimensioning. All the documents are generated according to DBMS or enterprise standards.

The system realizes intellectual algorithm of automatic drafts generation that allow to dimension and create clear and compact technological documentation. Documentation content can be specified by the user. It may include the following documents:

  • Assembly drawing. It is always created regardless of the settings. It is a 2D model image in three projections where each part and assembly has its position number.
  • Panels work drafts. Each work draft sheet is a 2D panel image in one projection – face or back view. In some cases two views can be set on one sheet – face and back sides. There are always fasteners holes on part image, and if you set special flags, the following data will be shown: overall dimensions, radial dimensions, dimensions to hole axes, coating materials, grooves and holes designations.
  • Specification. Specification sheet is always created if there are assemblies in the model. It is a table that contains assemblies list. If there are no assemblies in the model, specification will be created in case of corresponding parameters setup. It will look like a table or several tables of part dimensions for sawing. Besides, specification may contain information about coating materials on part overall edges if necessary.
  • Operation tables. Each operation table sheet is a list of technological operations required for part creation.
  • Assembling diagram. This document is given to the client for product correct and independent assembling. There are all panels and accessories positions on assembling diagram as well as accessories direction and mounting points. There can be several subordinate diagrams of separate product elements, e.g. upper shelf or corner section. All these subordinate diagrams precisely correspond to product assembly sequence.

Algorithm settings of automatic documents generation allow to take individual demands of every enterprise into account. E.g. part dimension or finite panel dimension can be used as panel overall dimension; dimensions to holes can be set via chain dimension or single-base dimensions with common dimension line.

Compound furniture panels may have a great number of holes and other elements, thus draft structure is optimized in the following ways: disabled dimension chains construction of selected views, symbolic representations use for holes visualization, etc.

Drafts scaling is used for drafts clear visualization and use. It allows to change part dimensions view to optimize its reading on sheet. If you change the scale, dimension arrows, dimension text height and hatch step will not be changed.

Documents set can be saved in separate files or in special libraries. The libraries allow to reduce files number, simplify and speed up information search.

When you generate the drafts, the majority of necessary dimensions are set automatically. However, any draft can be edited via special commands if necessary.