Modern means of image processing allow to get product photorealistic image for its external view and interior harmony evaluation and its presentation to the client.

The modules allow to create high-quality photorealistic project images for furniture models design. This is the best way to appreciate selected colours and textures in room interior and also to take clients desires into account, thus making your customers work with you. You can create 3D photorealistic product images at any designing stage.

The system has material database that can be easily enlarged with new materials. Each material is characterized by unique texture, colour, coating mode, transparency, reflectivity and reflectance. It makes models view maximum realistic. Material texture is a file in graphic format that is viewed on panel edges and faces.

Right light source plays important role in photorealistic image quality. You can add arbitrary number of point light source and directional source of different colour to the image. Each of them is characterized by brightness, operating range, angle of dispersion and shadows parameters.