Scripts are effective means of system functions extension. They allow to create parametric models of separate elements and whole products, specific technological algorithms and to add new commands to the system, etc.

User can create scripts via the same means as for product designing. Scripts access way can be different.

Parameterization via scripts allows to execute compound operations and edit the model very easy. This capability saves much time of project creation and regulates designer and technologist work.

Undoubtedly scripts writing requires some programming skills. BAZIS system applies JavaScript programming language.

Script is program scenario of some action sequence execution. Furniture scripts work with objects of furniture production – panels, fasteners, accessories, coating materials, etc. Language commands correspond to common design operations, e.g. panel mounting in defined place, panel edge coating, two panels fastening. Moreover script language includes simple algorithmic control structures, such as values assignment, branches and cycles and several auxiliary functions.

Script languages are fine tools for people who learn programming. It is necessary to know the language structure and BAZIS-Woodworker editor to create nice application. Scrip describes actions sequence for furniture design in BAZIS system. They are not executed in the dialogue mode but written by some conventions.

Script languages combine programming simplicity with high flexibility. Besides, scripts have open code, i.e. you can always customize designed module for your own needs. There is no restrictions to system capabilities, objects nesting level and geometrical shapes complexity, that is why it is possible to create programs for any level of detailing up to automatic furniture complex construction.

Scripts are powerful tools that provide unlimited possibilities of labour productivity increase.