The main principle of BAZIS-Estimate module work is that during model design all costs structure and content will be generated according to the settings. This information depending on data from material and operation database is the basis for automatic calculation of the following parameters:

  • product or order materials amount and cost including main and auxiliary materials, as well as tool degradation and equipment depreciation;
  • work content and cost of works of production of separate panel, the whole product and the whole furniture set;
  • prime cost calculation items (materials expenses, salary expenses, cost of transportation, electricity expenses, overhead expenses, profit, etc.) and product or order cost.

In process of calculation material and labour costs of product or product group production are taken into account. At materials cost calculation the following parameters are taken into account:

  • main materials: wood particle board, fibreboard, glass, coating materials, accessories, etc.;
  • auxiliary materials: package, solvents, glues, varnishes, pains, etc.;
  • tools and necessary expendable materials: saw and undercutting disks, mills, grinding bands, screwdriver heads, etc.

Besides material costs labour costs of technological operations are also taken into account:

  • linear or curvilinear part contour creation;
  • panel edges and faces coating;
  • panels painting;
  • mounting of profiles, edgings and other accessories;
  • operation reaming;
  • completed products assembly;
  • packaging, loading, unloading, installation works, finishing works, mounting and other auxiliary operations.

Setup of all the parameters and algorithms of economical indexes calculation is executed by the user on the basis of usable technological processes data and used calculation methods. Such work does not require programming and it is fulfilled only once at system installation. It allows calculate automatically all further economical indexes thus saving time many times.