Different furniture enterprises use diverse ways of costs accounting, salary charging, profit regulation, equipment depreciation, active materials accounting, cost price calculation, etc. BAZIS-Estimate module can be specified for any kind of calculation methodology and enterprise accounting policy.

Model of furniture product is the main tool of universal economic calculations. It contains precise information about all materials of panels and parts including special feature that defines each material consumption index. It can be:

  • area (wood particle board and fibreboard, coating plastic, etc.);
  • linear dimension (materials for edge coating, profiles, worktops, runners for sliding doors mechanisms, etc.);
  • piece accounting (accessories, drawer pull-out systems, lamps, etc.);

Besides, the model is data source for corresponding estimate generation on the basis of operation database – it is a full list of operations that form operating procedure of product or order generation as a whole. The following information of each operation can be viewed:

  • measurement unit of executed operation;
  • output norm;
  • operation full extent in product and in order;
  • work content in product and in order;
  • standard hour cost;
  • execution cost for product and for order.

Thus all economic calculations are based on precise and reliable information about the product and its production technology. If necessary it is possible to edit the results manually.

Besides, BAZIS-Estimate module allows to execute two kinds of calculations:

  • salary of furniture enterprise workers on the basis of piece-work or team payment;
  • approximate execution time of product or order.