Technological concomitance is a list of materials and operations necessary for panel production and operations execution. Besides main materials that are present in a model, auxiliary materials are also used, e.g. glue for edge coating material gluing, or drivescrews for cabinet back panel fastening. Such materials consumption is calculated automatically on the basis of panel geometrical parameters and consumption norm specified by technological process.

The same situation concerns operations as well: particular materials can be used for operation execution, e.g. saws for cutting machine or borers for boring machine. Their number for each panel is specified by total number of operations for its processing. E.g. one meter cut execution cost is saved in database for sawing disk. On the basis of this value and automatically calculated all cuts value the system will specify the disk cost part for product cost calculation.

Thus, technological concomitance is based on materials and operations chain creation for particular materials or operation. Concomitance chain length is not restricted and it is specified only by technological processes peculiarities and account policy of the enterprise. All information about materials and operations is saved in corresponding databases. This work is fulfilled once at BAZIS system installation. Later it can be edited for breakthrough technologies and new materials application.

Competent use of technological concomitance in BAZIS-Estimate module allows to take all the peculiarities of any enterprise work into account. Due to unrestricted concomitance mechanism use it can be set for production and economic conditions of particular enterprise.