Material database has clear hierarchical structure that divides all the materials into groups and subgroups for convenient search. Each group is made of similar materials that can be united by common technological function and belonging to one material and technical stock. The example of typical group is sheet materials, edge coating materials, glues and solvents, accessories, finishing materials, etc.

Each of the materials has a list of the following parameters:

  • material name and cost;
  • coefficient of material technological expenditure;
  • material measurement units;
  • material code used for connection with stock control automated system;
  • material class for prime-cost calculation.

Operation database is created in the same way. For work content accounting the following indices are included into it:

  • output norm (e.g. for linear cutting - either «meters per minute», or «minutes per meter»);
  • operation standard hour cost;
  • operation work content dependence on processed materials (boring of holes of the same diameter in wood or in granolith has different work content and different tool expenditure);
  • model parameter used for work content calculation (e.g. coated edges total length for coating operation).

Common structures of both databases specify common work methods. For successful BAZIS-Estimate module work it is reasonable to do the following preliminary organizational arrangements:

  • assign database administrator responsible for its filling and further workability support;
  • develop and maintain the principles and order of material names creation;
  • develop and maintain classification and encoding system conformed to automated stock system;
  • systematize material and part suppliers for material database filling.

When materials and operations are added to database, concomitant operations and materials can be added to them. In turn they specify concomitant material expenditure norm respectively to main material expenditure unit or operation execution unit. E.g., concomitant operations to wood particleboard can be cutting and holes boring that may need concomitant materials: disk saw and cylindrical drill.