Сalculations methodology in BAZIS-Estimate module is realized on the basis of algorithms and approaches of particular enterprise. Thus datasets are processed in user specified view. The user can set not only tables and specifications view but he can also determine data type.

BAZIS-Estimate module allows to keep multilevel analytical accounting. E.g. the same materials or operations can be included into different groups. It allows to view in documents estimate indicators actual for current situation. E.g. for order cost calculation necessary for economists the data results are shown with maximum level of detailing, but at order receipt – only final figures.

To create datasets of arbitrary structure, the notion of classes is used, that unites materials, operations and items of expenses. If required the classes are grouped into tables for necessary documents creation. E.g. on the basis of two classes – sheet and coating materials, it is possible to create a common list of database materials.

Calculation results of BAZIS-Estimate module can be saved for further use in four ways:

  • in separate files of BAZIS system format;
  • in internal format;
  • in MS Excel or DBF formats;
  • in model of designed product.