Different automation systems can be used for furniture enterprise automation control. In any case the basis for automation systems work is information created at stage of design, technological preproduction and products creation. This information is concentrated in BAZIS-Estimate module at BAZIS system use. It is fully reliable and very important for tasks planning, analysis and prediction of enterprise activity.

BAZIS-Estimate module flexibility and calculations universality is achieved via several modes of source data input. First of all the main part of information is «read» from the model automatically. Its second part is also automatically taken from database as main and concomitant materials and operations. Finally, information third part can be added manually by the user.

In process of calculations, any parameter can be edited, data missing in database can be added and generated estimates can be used. Resultant data are processed in table view and can be printed out or exported to outer systems. Dataset tables view can be set by the user.