Any kind of information system should involve data protection mechanisms. BAZIS-Stock module includes three components: user identification and authentication, restriction of access rights and event logging.

BAZIS-Stock module is directed toward intensive production when stock balance always changes.

The module has many tools to bring current stock balance in correspondence with data base information. One of them ensures very fast and convenient data input of products receipt and expenditure.

Stock products precise identification is obligatory for orders high-quality processing.

Bar coding in BAZIS-Stock makes it possible to exclude the input of human-factor mistakes and fulfill order picking within the accuracy of 100%.

Data base of BAZIS-Stock module maintains high reliability of data storage. This result is achieved by FireBird server use that has proved to be the most effective in economic, financial and state sectors since 2001.

Besides, the module provides automatic backup creation to insure data against any impact.

BAZIS-Stock module allows to use several currencies in accounting. Each stock product can be assigned with its currency. Its cost will be automatically recalculated in user defined currency.

BAZIS-Stock use together with other modules of the BAZIS system allows to create general information environment of the enterprise.

This capability allows to accept and process BAZIS-Estimate material and part requests for products designed in BAZIS-Woodworker and BAZIS-Cabinet modules. It permits to save time and minimize expenses connected with material support of production.

Output documents are the main data carrier in stock support automation. They contain reliable and complete information generated according to current request.

BAZIS-Stock module allows to generate automatically documents which design conditions, structure and content are specified by the user.

BAZIS-Stock module does not substitute automated storage and bookkeeping programs, but it complements them, solving very narrow but important tasks: furniture enterprise inventory control and production with materials and parts supply.

Statistics show that product and service purchase expenses make about 70% of enterprise aggregate costs. At the same time purchase and supply control optimization may reduce expenses by 25-30% with no loss in quality and production volume. In other words, well-organized purchasing raises enterprise competitive capacity.

BAZIS-Stock module offers special solutions that provide high efficiency of purchase and supply control at minimal cost.