Request in user personal account is the most convenient way of technical support receipt. There is more information in video.

To register in personal account please fill in the form according to the following rules:

  1. Input your full name.
  2. When you input a key number, please input only numbers without letters and prefixes, e.g.:
    • if key number is 2-1234567, input the numbers 1234567;
    • if key number is S123456789, input the numbers 123456789
    • if key number is 123456789S, input the numbers 123456789.
  3. Key number or product number can be found:
    • on a key;
    • in registration card;
    • in the contract;
    • in CodeMeter Control Center, if the key is in a computer and its driver is installed.

Pay your attention that these rules inobservance may lead to registration problems.

When you create support request, select its category depending on request subject:

  • Technical questions / Program does not launch – errors connected with a key at program start or other problems that occur at the moment of program launch.
  • Technical questions / Work with program – all questions about program functional capabilities, logical and critical errors, offers of program improvement.
  • Commercial questions / Technical support renewal – technical support contract renewal after warranty expiration, technical support extension, informational maintenance.
  • Commercial questions / Licenses purchase – licenses purchase in addition to bought keys.
  • Commercial questions / Training – questions connected with Your specialists training in «Bazis-Center» training center or in Your place.
  • Personal account – work in Personal account, information concerning the errors, offers about functions extension and all the questions about registration, login, password and other contacts editing.

Remember that incorrectly chosen category may essentially increase Your problem solution period.

In request title describe in brief the problem main point, and all essential data write in message text.

Request creation in «Technical questions / Program does not launch» category

When you create a request in this category please follow the steps:

  • Select in combo box a key number that led to program launch problem.
  • Indicate full and precise program file version (*.exe file) which launch led to connection with key problem. File version can be found in its properties window (File / Right mouse button / Properties / Detail):

Request creation in «Technical questions / Work with program» category

The most convenient and fast request creation mode is from the program. In this case all necessary data will be input in request form automatically. To use this opportunity, follow the steps: Main menu / Help / Ask question in personal account:

When you create a request out-of-the program:

  • Select a key number of program launch in combo box.
  • Select a module name in combo box.
  • Indicate full and precise file version (*.exe file) in request. This information can be found in the program (Main menu / Help / About program),

    or in program file properties (File / Right mouse button / Properties / Detail):

    When you describe the problem please observe Technical support rules.