BAZIS-Salon module includes three separate programs each of which automates particular stage of furniture selling:

  • Price-list manager – generation of electronic catalogues (price-lists) of furniture produced by enterprise or all the enterprises that work with furniture salon; it also groups them by functions, construction or other feature.
  • BAZIS-Salon: Order control – automated orders generation for furniture producer.
  • BAZIS-Salon: Interior – room modeling that takes its architectural peculiarities and interior elements into consideration for virtual placing of selected furniture models.

All the programs are fully compatible with each other and other BAZIS system modules. It allows to solve a wide range of important production tasks:

  • To interest the client in production graphically showing high-quality room image with placed furniture models in different perspectives.
  • To get guaranteed profit because order cost is automatically corrected on the basis of prepared calculation algorithms that precisely account all production, transport and other costs and profit rate as well.
  • To cut time of order making as much as possible due to production order automatic generation, it practically does not require any redesigning work.
  • To exclude generation errors and recurring order approval with the client that is very typical of other variants of order making.