The client room model designing is one of the main operations at individual orders making for cabinet furniture production. It includes two logical stages:

  1. «Virtual» room model creation, i.e. a model that precisely reflects its construction peculiarities.
  2. Interior elements placing in a virtual room (mirrors, aquariums, vases, lamps, etc.).

Room overall dimensions are set first before room model creation. Then internal walls, columns, doors, windows, radiators and other specified elements will be placed. Internal walls allow to create apartment models of several rooms and to design the indents that hinder furniture elements placing. The user can specify the distance between the floor and indent edge for overhang indents.

Any element is mounted fast and easy: selected element model is automatically positioned to the nearest wall and it will be «snapped» to mouse cursor. When the cursor is moved, element image will be also smoothly moved along the wall, its width and distance between the element and wall extreme points will be shown on the screen. To make virtual room look more realistic, corresponding colour or texture will be assigned to each element.

In process of order making designer and the client strive for maximum correspondence of room virtual image to reality. The model is considered from different points of view and from different perspectives. The walls that hide interior view can be automatically taken away. It is also possible to lower the walls and dividers for better visualization.