In process of order making designer selects desired models from a price-list and places them in a room or hangs on the walls. Then he chooses the materials of front panels and cases that will match with the interior most of all. The following tools allow to execute these operations fast and precisely:

  • «Snapping» mechanism allows to join the elements to each other thus making the work easier and eliminating mounting errors.
  • Positioning functions for fast and convenient models placing in particular room. This group commands allow to place the products on the floor or any other surface, mount them on the wall at some distance from the floor, move them up to the stop, and also mount several adjoining products along specified wall.
  • Automatic control of room bounds exceeding and elements intersections.
  • Fast material replacement of one product or all products of an order simultaneously without the whole interior rebuilding. It allows to change the colour of entire composition and combine different variants and sets.
  • Automatic product models or separate elements replacing (handles, legs, front panels, etc.) by the analogues from price-list.
  • Standard elements mounting on the product, e.g. kitchen sinks, cooker hoods, gas or electric cookers and other household appliances.
  • Adding of interior elements that the client plans to mount in the room (floor lamp, coffee table, armchairs, etc.).

If it is necessary to order nonstandard furniture models that are absent in a price-list, they can be easily designed in BAZIS-Woodworker or BAZIS-Cabinet modules and delivered to BAZIS-Salon module for placing in interior. It is also possible to transfer price-list models for dimensions editing. In both cases order new cost is calculated automatically.