In process of work with order designer can choose different finishing materials of thousand colours. BAZIS-Salon module allows to estimate each variant creating photo like high quality image. For this purpose there are capabilities to regulate light intensity, materials transparency and reflectivity, shades and reflections.

Photorealistic interior image visualization is achieved due to light sources placing and their parameters setup: light source type, brightness, colour, cone size, falloff (for direct light), etc.

Moreover the following details make interior more realistic: walls colour, wallpaper design, floor type and colour, such decorative accessories as flowers, TV set, books, pictures, curtains, etc. If necessary, animated images can be added to virtual scene, e.g. falling snow outside, cartoons on TV, etc.

BAZIS-Salon special capability is modeling of unfixed furniture elements movement. It includes hinged and sliding doors opening, drawers pulling-out, etc. This capability enhances effect of room viewing because it has practical importance - it checks whether other interior objects impede these elements.