The client usually experiments with three main things while kitchen furniture order making for its precise matching with other interior objects:

  • Front panels. There is a great number of diverse front panels, at the same time one variant or another becomes fashionable. Beside fashion there are client’s personal preferences of great importance. He can evaluate all possible combinations to make a decision. Front panels in BAZIS-Salon module can be replaced very fast giving the client a chance to look through as many variants as possible.
  • Colour solutions. Modern decoration, painting and covering materials allow to simulate any wood type or other materials: from plastic to leather. BAZIS-Salon module offers the client to appreciate material shades and textures thus changing the whole furniture set immediately.
  • Exclusive features. Each client wants his kitchen to be different from other kitchen models. For this purpose it is often enough only one-two «zests»: sand-jet picture, 3D image film or stained-glass window. BAZIS-Salon allows to show these features to the client.

Besides there are special tools in the module for fast creation of cornices, shaped worktops, wall plinths and diverse small decorative constructions, e.g. balustrades. Precise drafts for long objects are created with dimensions of the components.