Order cost calculation allows the client to choose the most convenient variant from aesthetic as well as financial point of view. There are several variants of cost calculation in BAZIS-Salon module according to work specifics of particular salon:

  1. Fixed price. Each finished product that does not require further processing is priced. It is relevant to retail outlets of serial products of different producers.
  2. Element-wise price. This variant is the most useful for job order production. The order is divided into separate elements (case, doors, drawers, etc.) that can be made of different materials and have a range of fixed dimensions. Each element has particular cost. Order cost includes prices of all the elements.
  3. Estimated element-wise price. This cost calculation algorithm is almost the same as preceding one. The difference is that any element price is calculated on the basis of materials and production costs. For this purpose there is an in-built module of estimated cost calculation.
  4. Model price. Previous cost calculation variants do not presume product further processing. They depend on producer prices. This very variant allows to process the product and calculate its precise estimate cost.
  5. Model project cost, or the whole project cost calculation. The difference from previous variant is in material amount rounding. E.g. in case if two products with wall plinths are used in kitchen model. In previous case plinth amount will be rounded to two pieces regardless of its real needs. In this very case the total plinth length of both products will be specified, then it will be rounded to integer number of plinth pieces, i.e. only one piece can be quite enough.

Regardless of selected variant of cost calculation, it is possible to assign different discounts and markups to any elements or the whole furniture set: non-standard product markup, patronage discount, share discount, etc.