Production task is a kind of document set that is a basis for order execution. Inasmuch as the orders can be realized in different ways – from shipment from stock to production and all products assembly – there are several kinds of production tasks in BAZIS-Salon:

  1. Order making specification via stock program.
  2. Interior sketch with dimensions for furniture models. It includes designed models image with dimensions chain.
  3. Special files of production task. To generate such tasks select necessary orders and set parameters for task accurate determination. Prepared files can be saved in file system (including data carriers, e.g. flash memory card, etc.) or sent by e-mail to another furniture enterprise for further execution and inclusion into production program according to specified schedule time.

Besides production tasks it is possible to generate a report that contains summary data over some period of time. Each received order will be shown in one line of Microsoft Excel sheet. It contains order date of receipt and its ID number, client data, price, order current state and other actual data. This information can be used for calculation operations in different enterprise departments (e.g. bookkeeping, sales department, etc.).

Final operation of order receipt is documents generation and printing, these documents fix contractual relations between furniture salon and the customer. The specialist of furniture salon specifies documents set for printing out.