Fast modeling.

Model fast creation is achieved due to full automation of design and control operations.

Modeling is executed in dialogue mode via simple and vivid constructional parameters setup that makes it possible to undo any operation. Such approach ensures error-free design operations by automatic checking and eliminating of many subjective errors.

BAZIS-Cabinet module is fully compatible with BAZIS-Woodworker module.

Case automatic creation.

Case creation is the first step of model construction. This operation is performed automatically on the basis of parameters that specify product dimensions, its construction peculiarities and used materials.

There are four types of cabinet furniture: straight, trapezoidal, corner and built-in. All constructions allow mounting of any internal fittings and doors, fasteners arrangement and edge banding automatically, analysis of all operations correctness.


Fasteners accurate arrangement.

Fasteners arrangement is a design operation that is performed for any product regardless of its construction and function. Sometimes it is necessary to mount many small fasteners to the model that makes it difficult to visually control the process and it often leads to errors. This may be insufficient number of fasteners or invalid elements mounting.

The calculation of fasteners number and arrangement places is performed automatically that guarantees design correctness.

Panel edges coating.

Panel edge banding is very important technological operation that largely affects product quality. It is urgent to define all the edges for banding at product design. Due to the large number of parts and variants of their connection, manual banding edges control takes much time. Besides, it is possible to miss some of them or select wrong edge-banding material.

All panel mounting and editing operations are accompanied by analysis of the need to apply edge-banding materials according to specified rules.


Upper shelves and corner sections construction.

Very often cabinets contain additional constructions – upper shelves or corner sections. They are connected to the main cabinet in some way and replicate certain elements and some of its parameters.

Upper shelves and corner sections in BAZIS-Cabinet module are created automatically on the basis of set parameters.

Accessories modeling.

Accessories is a very important furniture element that has a great influence on its functional and aesthetic qualities. Accessories main elements are legs, tubes, highlight lamps, hangers and glides.

In BAZIS-Cabinet module you can not only model accessories, but also mount accessories to the model automatically according to specified conditions.


Product editing.

In the process of BAZIS-Cabinet module use, an extensive product library will be created at the enterprise, it will be the basis for new projects realization. New product creation on the basis of existing prototype is almost instantaneous. It is achieved due to rich capabilities of all design and technological parameters customization with automatic product redesign: overall dimensions, materials type and thickness, number and arrangement of shelves and drawers, accessories, section fittings number and size.