Material database is created and edited by the same rules as in BAZIS-Woodworker module. In case of joint use of these modules the database is common.

As a rule edge material is coated on open edges, i.e. panel edges that are not closely fastened to other panels faces and edges. It makes them decorative and allows to eliminate release of formaldehyde in wood particle board. Such edges are checked automatically and coated with preset materials. At the same time face and back edges can be coated with different materials.

Coating rules are set beforehand. For this purpose set the following parameters:

  • coating mode: to coat only open edges, all edges or do not coat at all;
  • individual coating rules for overlaid top and overlaid bottom;
  • special coating rules for product side dividers;
  • firm edging thickness value on panel face edges.

Any panel mounting or editing operation allows to check automatically panel joints with other panels and to coat the panel edges by set rules. This peculiarity speeds designing process and eliminates human-factor errors.

BAZIS-Cabinet module peculiarity is that you can create a table of corresponding sheet and linear materials. It allows to reject panel edge coating operations execution making them fully automatic. For this purpose assign coating material to each wood particle board type. In this case each panel edge will be coated with particular material.