Product editing features can be grouped in the following way:

  • the whole product editing;
  • sections and separate elements editing.

When you edit the product you can change product overall size, panel materials, its construction and interior fittings structure. Another editing mode is mirror cabinet symmetrical construction that leads to interior fittings and doors changing.

Product editing tools allow to edit separate panels, accessories and panels of the same type. They include the following commands:

  • panels moving including overall panels with all adjacent elements rebuilding;
  • panels geometrical dimensions changing within allowable values for proper functioning;
  • section interior fittings editing including detachable shelves replacement by drawers and vice versa;
  • panels deletion that do not affect interior fittings arrangement of the cabinet;
  • fixed shelves replacement by detachable shelves and vice versa with automatic gaps and indents accounting;
  • editing of algorithms for fasteners arrangement and panel edges coating;
  • panels renaming;
  • fasteners replacement on separate panels;
  • editing of fasteners mounting plane that is mounted on fastening panel faces;
  • panels grouping by functions.

All editing modes do not affect model parametrical peculiarities. If necessary it is possible to transfer the model to BAZIS-Woodworker module for further processing. Combined use of BAZIS-Woodworker and BAZIS-Cabinet modules allows to join their advantages in the best way. Product standard models created in BAZIS-Cabinet module can be delivered to BAZIS-Woodworker module for further redesign.