BAZIS-CNC module interface has much in common with simple and convenient BAZIS-Woodworker module interface. Thus technologists can create control programs very fast.

The main feature of BAZIS-CNC module is prior operations automation that are connected with data import from a model and its preproduction for control program creation.

BAZIS-CNC module is a component part of cabinet furniture automated design BAZIS system. Thus it is the most effective way of BAZIS-CNC application.

Source data can be imported from other systems as well.

BAZIS system distinctive feature is full compatibility of its designing modules and BAZIS-CNC module. They are component parts of unified automated system and work with the same mathematical models.

Such integration ensures models correspondence in construction and technological designing stages.

BAZIS-CNC is a special module for furniture production. It has lots of technological settings that make it possible to create control programs for panels processing taking sheet material peculiarities into account.

BAZIS-CNC module work results in control programs creation that are present in installed production equipment code. The system includes machines postprocessors of all well-known producers.

Postprocessors are created together with equipment designers and suppliers, thus taking all peculiarities into account.