Total cutout cost is a complex criterion of optimization that takes modern furniture production specificity into account. It includes expenditures for materials, cutout operation execution and extra costs of cut-offs processing and waste utilization.

BAZIS-Cutting module allows to change some elements priority of complex optimization criterion depending on current tasks. E.g. setting maximal priority to MUR at expensive material cutting via panel-sizing saws, and setting cutting charts processability priority at mass cutout of wood particle board via saws.

BAZIS-Cutting module has many capabilities for cutout algorithms setup in accordance with particular furniture enterprise peculiarity:

  • adjustable optimization depth for optimal correlation between cutting charts creation time and panels arrangement variants;
  • possibility to cut any number of products of the order;
  • accounting of standard boards dimensions, useful cut-offs, indents from board bounds, first cuts orientation and allowances for parts arrangement on cutting charts;
  • splitting of products big batch into smaller batches for regular equipment load due to automatic choice of products optimal number;
  • flexible setting of cutting charts view and information placing including generation of identity labels with bar-codes;
  • panel contour visualization on cutting charts at sheet and linear cutout that is important for worktops, postforming cutting, etc.;
  • material texture accounting for any panel or group of panels;
  • alternative variants of cutting charts with different direction of first board cuts in one session;
  • interface with widespread data formats for connection with other programs;
  • list of technological sequence of cuts creation with completed panels designation and specification of their position from a saw (left side or right side);
  • fast cutout cost calculation.