Program technologies of BAZIS-Cutting module take the following peculiarities into account: geometrical, technological and organizational criteria and optimization parameters for priorities setup. Designed algorithms allow to take all peculiarities of particular furniture enterprise into account. They also help find balanced correlation between material saving demands, cutting charts processability and load effectiveness of all technological equipment.

Maximal effect is achieved by combined use of BAZIS-Cutting and other BAZIS system modules. In this case the system saves much time for data preparation and completes cutting charts with 100% accuracy. However it can be used separately as well.

If the module is used as a stand-alone application, the user needs to input panels data manually. It can be fulfilled in the following ways:

  • manual input of cutting materials lists;
  • reading data from text files or MS Excel files;
  • projects import from bCAD (*.xml) and К3-Мебель (*.k3bz) systems.