The system implements the following scheme of data interchange via labels use. Technologist generates interchangeable cutting job depending on orders and priorities. BAZIS-Cutting module is installed on machine operator workplace who loads them to the program for cutting charts creation. In process of cutting each part creation is accompanied by label printing. Operator pastes them on parts. Special software is installed in operators workplaces of other areas that allows them to load necessary control program automatically. For this purpose operator needs to scan the label. To specify some processing peculiarities it is possible to display a panel draft if necessary.

The labels contain ciphered data necessary for part identification and also additional information about its processing: specification of panel edges and coating material, panel material, etc. The tools for labels creation and printing, assigned for parts, panels, packages and other objects marking allow to fulfill the following actions:

  • to generate and edit parameters sets that are viewed on labels;
  • to design label models, save them as templates and load saved templates;
  • to create label sets by current order parameters;
  • to preview the labels and print them out.

Label view is specified by the specialists of particular enterprise. The process of its generation includes objects formal parameters placing in label field that will be later replaced by actual parameters of each object in printing. The parameters can be displayed as text or in bar-code view and also as graphical images saved in files of main graphical formats.

BAZIS-Cutting module automatically adds panels data of current cutting to parameters list. Additionally it is possible to create user constant, compound and computational parameters and sketches too.

Constant parameter is the same for all the labels. The example of constant parameters is control program file name extension for particular machine.

Compound parameter is a combination of standard parameters that have a set number of symbols. E.g. it can be parameter «Control program file name» that consists of order number and part position.

Computational parameter – information printed on labels depending on some conditions. The example is processing route. Depending on panel shape the label may contain symbolic representation of further processing area:

  • for rectangular panels – edge coating area;
  • for shaped panels – saw machine.

For the purpose of maximal dataset viewing on labels it is possible to display future ready panels contours with boring holes and material texture direction specification.