«Additional panels list» check box allows to get rid of cut-offs use. Its essence is the following. The panels that should be cut for current product creation build the main panels list. It will be cut if only boards cutting mode is checked.

At the same time it is known that in some period a new order will appear and it will have the panels made of the same materials. This order panels are loaded to additional list.

Additional list creation is executed in the same way as main list generation. Both lists structure is the same, both of them are viewed in program main window and can be edited in the same ways.

During parallel cutout of two lists, the panels from additional list are placed on cut-offs received after main list panels cutting. In other words cut-offs cutting is executed quickly without cut-offs delivery to stock and other operations. Thus surplus is created for further use.

Cut panels from additional list are delivered to billet stock that can be promptly viewed and edited. Before main list cutting the system checks billet stock and then starts to cut missing panels. When the system analyses billet stock, the panels are compared by size and material. Only if both conditions are fulfilled the panel will be written-off and cut panels number from main list will be decreased. Thus if cutting job includes the panels of billet stock the program will not include them in current cutting and it will generate a receipt list.

If there is additional list the following documents will be generated after cutting completion:

  • for received panels from main list delivery to production minus stock panels;
  • for parts delivery from stock for main list;
  • for parts delivery from additional list to stock.

There is no positions and coated edges designations for panels from additional list. It means that they are identified only by material name and dimensions, i.e. they can be used in further cutout for suitable panels production.

Competent use of additional list allows to decrease cut-off amount during cutout execution. Even if the product made of rare material is cut, additional list can be useful for universal panels production such as drawer walls or detachable shelves.