Module capabilities

Saws main advantage is cutting accuracy that completely eliminates human-factor production rejects. Besides, saws allow to cut boards in volume, optimize production space and provide flexibility of production.

BAZIS-Cutting module supports all machine types used at Russian furniture enterprises.

BAZIS-Salon module realizes principle of team-work of designer or seller and the customer at furniture placement process. For this purpose the module implements many variants of architectural, designing and interior peculiarities of particular room (niches, bay windows, pipelines, garnish moldings, etc.).

BAZIS-Cutting module implements paperless production technology. It involves preparation and printing of bar-code labels for each cutting part.

Bar-code use allows:

  • to increase information awareness of furniture designers and producers;
  • to save operating time;
  • to increase parts accurate and fast identification;
  • to automate data aggregation and analysis;
  • to exclude human factor influence.

Order control program allows to manage order databases, clients and service reference books, information concomitance of all stages of orders support beginning with contract making, ending in product shipment.

BAZIS-Cutting module can be used at any furniture enterprise as a part of BAZIS complex automation system as well as a standalone application.

It is a universe means of materials cutting automation that implements original multiobjective optimization algorithms.

BAZIS-Salon module is universe program that can be used by customers, furniture enterprise and salon designers. This is realized by three components of order management stages: electronic furniture catalogues generation, furniture placement in room and order management.

BAZIS-Cutting realizes effective optimization algorithms and wide range of technological settings on a par with diverse capabilities that allow to improve cutting charts as well as the whole furniture production process.

Main capabilities include technologies of cascade cutting, fixed cutting level, parts stacking, phased strip cutout and cutting buffering.

Large product library will be created in process of BAZIS-Cabinet use at enterprise that will be the basis for new projects realization. New product development on the basis of existing prototype is executed at once. It is achieved due to rich capabilities of all design parameters customization with automatic product redesign: overall dimensions, material type and thickness, shelves, drawers and accessories number and arrangement, section fittings number and size.

Traditional criterion of cutting charts effectiveness based on material consumption coefficient increase is no longer prior at modern furniture enterprises equipped with high-productive saws.

New trends in material cutting automation, fulfilled in BAZIS-Cutting module, lead to operation work content decrease, equipment effectiveness increase, and other production steps balance.

Accessories are very important furniture elements that influence its function and aesthetic qualities. Accessories main elements are legs, tubes, highlight lamps, hangers and glides elements.

BAZIS-Cabinet module makes it possible to model accessories as well as to mount accessories to the model automatically according to specified conditions.

The main BAZIS-Salon peculiarity is automated preparation of production tasks for each order for their further transfer to the enterprise.

Very often cabinets contain additional constructions – upper shelves or corner sections. They are connected to the cabinet in some way and replicate its elements and parameters.

Upper shelves and corner sections in BAZIS-Cabinet module are created automatically on the basis of set parameters.

BAZIS-Salon module makes it possible to equip any room in any style. The task is to make received model correspond to financial possibilities of the client. BAZIS-Salon module allows to recalculate automatically furniture cost if the model has been changed and to enable the customer to correlate his finances with desires.

Panel edge coating is very important technological operation that depends on product quality in many respects. It is urgent to define all the edges for coating at product design. Because there are very many parts and variants of their connection, manual coating edges control will take much time. Besides, there is strong possibility to miss some of them or select wrong coating material.

Panel mounting and editing operations are accompanied with coating materials analysis by preset conditions.

Kitchen furniture is a special type of cabinet furniture because there is great number of unique kitchen planning designs. Besides kitchen furniture is always heavy used thus it should satisfy stringent sanitary requirements. BAZIS–Salon module allows to create kitchen unit very fast and it will meet all necessary requirements and at the same time it will finely blend with room interior.

Fasteners arrangement is design operation that is fulfilled for any product regardless of its construction and function. Sometimes it is necessary to mount many small fasteners to the model but it is difficult to view the process and it often leads to errors. They can be caused by insufficient fasteners quantity or invalid fasteners mounting.

Fasteners quantity and arrangement places are calculated automatically that guarantees design correctness.

Interior creation demands serious approach so that not to regret selected furniture or panels colour. It means that virtual model should precisely reproduce all shades of future model realization. High-quality 3D visualization in BAZIS-Salon can convince any client that selected furniture will perfectly fit the room, flat or office.

Case creation is the first step of model construction. This operation is fulfilled automatically on the basis of set parameters. They specify product dimensions, its construction peculiarities and used materials.

There are four cabinet furniture types: straight, bevel, corner and built-in. All constructions allow to mount any internal elements and doors, to mount fasteners and coat the edges automatically, to check all operations correctness.

The main task in order making is to win client’s interest and hold the customer. For this purpose it is necessary to meet client’s wishes concerning model selection, elements arrangement in a room, sizes changing, new panels creation, etc. BAZIS-Salon module has a wide range of tools that allow to create and evaluate different variants of furniture placement in room interior.

Model fast creation is achieved due to full automation of design and control operations.

Modeling is executed in dialogue mode via simple and vivid constructional parameters setup that makes it possible to undo any operation. Such approach ensures error-free design operations by automatic checking and eliminating of many subjective errors.

BAZIS-Cabinet module is fully compatible with BAZIS-Woodworker module.